February 1, 2012


Sure there are loads of things I could tell you about from our cruise adventure... islands, beaches, little umbrella drinks, but the truth is there are only one or two really worth sharing (that's not even kind of true... there are shit tons of things worth sharing).

But mainly there was Aleksandar:

I don't think Aleksandar would be smiling if he knew how hard we stalked him all week long.

Aleksandar is from Montenegro.  He made toast for us every morning.  Well, technically, he made toast for the entire ship, but we like to think he made it extra special just for us.

He also made us a rose out of a napkin and danced to Flo Rida on a table in the dining room.

He is also probably married and may or may not have 6 children.  Who knows? I never trouble myself with petty details.

My sister in law and I are planning on moving somewhere with Aleksandar where polygamy is legal and becoming sister wives.  It's going to be so rad.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Chapter 2: My Passionate Love Affair With Captain Stefano


  1. After you guys have become sister wives and lived together for a couple of years you can write a book and cash in some big money!! Just saying.

    Holidays are not fun if you can't stalk someone, double great if it is on a ship...they can't get away...dun dun dun

  2. Ohh looks like you totally did have a gooood time. Aleksandar looks like the type to enjoy a good stalking. I'm sure he's already saving up for engagements rings for you and your future sister wife.

  3. I'm sure Ale....however you spell his name enjoyed all the attention. I know I would!

    P.S. I will be praying that your sister wives wish comes true. <3

  4. I want to pinch his red rosy cheeks so bad!! And do other stuff to him. Sweet, adorable, innocent little Aleksandar.

  5. I wish everyone could experience his sweet personality! His cute little stories and his smile!


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