February 27, 2012



I stayed up two hours past my bedtime watching Breaking Dawn and drinking cheap old lady wine.

And that is officially the saddest sentence I've ever written.

I wasn't alone though... that would have made it the saddest sentence in the history of sentences.


I had to put skim milk in my coffee because I ran out of coffee creamer.  It's just awful, you guys.


I didn't watch one single second of the Oscars because I don't think it's healthy to congratulate people who are probably already raging narcissists.


I'm going on another cruise next January.


Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music was, like, the original DILF.


I really like that new (to me) Gotye song.


And I think that concludes the list of thoughts that are tumbling around in my brain this morning.


  1. Why were you watching Breaking Dawn??

    I need coffee too. Badly. I also need my coffee not to taste like coffee. Creamer just doesn't cut it.


  2. Because I'm a sucker for terrible movies.


    Dad I'd Like to Fuck... classy, I know.

  3. DILF fo sho! New Gotye, you mean Someone That I Used to Know? Also totally ridiculously addicted to it!


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