February 17, 2012

We Need To Get Out of Here

Ever just go through a patch when it seems like you just absolutely cannot stop spending money?

When your list of things you want to buy just seems endless?

I'm sure it has less to do with wanting things and more to do with trying to fill the gaping hole in soul.  My soul hole (*juvenile snickering).

Or it's just that I like shiny new things and lots of them.

Even my notoriously thrifty father does this, so I know I'm fairly normal.

One time we went to Sears to have his tires rotated, and by the time we left 2 hours later he had purchased binoculars, a painting, and a sack of jelly beans.

He looked at me and said, "We need to get out of here... I'm obviously in the mood to buy shit."

This week on the internet I have purchased the following:

- Prescription glasses

I'm so excited about these, you guys!

- Various books and dvds

If you've never seen this, what the eff is wrong with you?

- Shampoo 

Wen is going to change my life, you guys.
I watched an infomercial for like 30 minutes and I'm 100% positive of this.

And that seems pretty tame when you take into consideration all of the things I've almost bought on the internet this week:

- Makeup... a lot of it.
- Nail polish... a lot of it.
- Jewelry... a lot of it.
- Clothing... a lot of it.
- Watch... an expensive one.
- More books and dvds

So I think it's safe to say that we need to get me off of the internet machine until I figure out what my soul hole really needs.  Probably butter and sugar... a lot of it.

Have a great weekend, kids!


  1. If you continue to feel the need, you can buy something to fill my "soul hole!"

  2. Oooh, I love those frames!

  3. This made me hysterically laugh!! i want the Wen system too! Infomercials kill me...I believe everything they say! I can't wait to watch Valley Girl with you! Tell when it comes in and we'll have our movie viewing!



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