February 29, 2012

Why I Bought A Dress That Doesn't Fit

I decided I should finally do a for real blog for once or else you guys are going to start thinking that I only post youtube videos and amusing photos I find on the internet machine.

And if that's all I'm going to bother doing, why didn't I just get a Tumblr blog to begin with?

So here are some thinky thoughts I've been having about my diet.

In short, it's not going well.

Basically, I can use any event/holiday/emotion as an excuse to eat whatever I want.  And I have... oh how I have.

I just seem to have lost my oomph.  And exercising?  Barf me to death.  I'd rather spend an eternity vacuuming all of Hell.

So in a year I'm going on another BIG vacation, and my goal is to reach my goal weight around the same time.  It's a lot... and it's going to require my oomph to be firing on all fronts.

This is what my oomph should look like.

Instead of looking like this.
So that's why I bought a dress that doesn't fit.

It's not an expensive dress.  I picked an inexpensive dress I know I will like in a year... something that will look awesome on my vacation.

Because I'm hoping that having a tangible, physical object that represents my goal will help me find some of my moxie.

And when I can finally put that dress on, I'm going to take a photo of myself wearing it, giving my best cheesecake smile, and I will post it here.

It's going to be so awesome, you guys.


  1. Hot damn this is a good idea.

    I hope you get to the size you want eventually, sweetness. Nobody ever said that dieting was easy! And you certainly don't have to do it alone. <3

  2. My oomph looks almost like that except the neon ran out so it doesn't light up any more. It's shameful because I'm part of the weight loss blog Different Paths, Same Destination. I have got to get my shit together.

    Good luck on finding your moxie!

    I'm sure that mine is lurking around somewhere.


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