February 8, 2012

Shame Spiraling

So to build on a subject introduced recently... SHAME and deep, dark SHAMEFUL SECRETS.

Everyone has a deep, dark shameful secret.  I have about 7,000 and at least 50 of them I would willingly tell you about right now... so why not?

Let's start with 5 shameful secrets.

1. I think these two are a really cute couple:

Patrick Bateman in love.

2. Today I spent at list 20 minutes googling "Kyle Richards shiny hair secrets".

I'm blinded.

Seriously, you guys... HOW?  Deep conditioning treatments?  Vitamin E?
Don't you dare say 'genetics' because I think I might just go kill myself.

3. I hate the musical 'Annie'.

Barf me to death.
4. I rarely think a baby is cute.

I'm sure this baby has a terrific personality, though.

5. I would be thrilled if my girlchild (or boychild) decided s/he wanted to be in a beauty pageant. Glitter! Makeup! Choreography!

Shame on you.

So there are 5 of my shameful secrets.  Judge away!


  1. I'm quite disgusted by the little girls in bikinis. That's soooo not cool.

    Also, Kylie Richards be cray cray. But bitch has some fab hair. I hate her for it. :-(

  2. Well, it is definitely disgusting which is why I am ashamed of it, obviously.

    Allowing my child to participate in a pageant would require me to be able to divorce myself from the ability to understand the subtext and repurcussions of the entire activity... which is impossible, but if I could do that I'm just saying that I would probably have fun... an ignorant asshole kind of fun.


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