February 23, 2012

Imaginary Boyfriend Thursday... Choose Your Own Adventure Style!

You guys, I need your help.

I've got two competing offers from two strapping lads, and it looks like I need you to help me decide who my imaginary boyfriend is this week.

Let's meet our contestants!

Contestant #1 is a smoldering half Irish/half German actor.  He loves potatoes, cabbage, beer, and probably lots of other German/Irish stereotypes. He is Michael Fassbender!!!

Long underwear just really does it for me.  Sue me.
Contestant #2 is a dapper young gent from England.  His hobbies include taxidermy, collecting women's underpants, and linguistics. (I have no idea what i'm talking about)  Please welcome Henry Cavill!!

He's seducing you with his eyes.  And his magnificent chest hair.

The winner will be enjoying a romantic evening with me, watching re-runs of Rhoda while eating cereal straight from the box!


The results are in... Michael Fassbender wins by a landslide!  I'll just give him a call to let him know.


  1. I voted for Michael for you and here's why.

    They are both beautiful men. And I personally love them both. I think you'd be better suited to Michael though and that's because I plan to take Henry for myself. Can I get a *high-five* for the next Man of Steel?!


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