February 6, 2012

Because My Love Is Strong and My Heart Is Weak After All

So I had another clever clark blog about Aleksandar and my cruise (plus another cocktail recipe!) ready to go for this morning, but I've got something else on my mind.

Actually, I have a song on my mind.

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and it just stopped you in your tracks?

It happens to me fairly frequently... enough that I've nicknamed these songs 'Mental Patient Songs', but it happens rarely enough that it still feels momentous and exciting.

So then I was thinking about what it is exactly that makes these songs 'Mental Patient Songs', and I think I've decided that I have almost no ability to understand, let alone explain why these songs speak to me so much... I just know the symptoms.

The immediate intoxication of hearing something that gives a voice to some emotion, some deep essential part of yourself that you never knew how to express to anyone or even that you needed to express it.  It's like the universe sending you text message that says 'Hey, you aren't the only one.'

And it just makes me soar.  It infiltrates and informs every part of my day. And that is why they are called 'Mental Patient Songs'... because I listen to them all of the time.  And when I'm not listening to them I hear them anyways.

So this is my latest one... Bushwick Blues by Delta Spirit

1 comment:

  1. That song is pretty groovy.

    For me it is currently Iron form woodkid could listen to that 24/7.


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