February 3, 2012

A Drawing I Did Instead of My Work

I have to half-ass it on the blogging front today because returning from vacation sends you into a black hole of never-ending piles of work compounded by a never-ending lack of motivation.

The lack of motivation thing is what is KILLING me right now.  Need some proof?

Weeell... let's just say that this is the most impressive thing I accomplished at work yesterday:

That's Aleksandar making toast for Kristine while thinking about her.  Look at his rosy little cheeks!

(Note: the Grand Cayman thing is a long, tragic story that might just break your heart to little pieces.  Basically, one day Aleksandar tried to disembark in Grand Cayman for the day, but he was #21 out of 20 crew members allowed to disembark so he couldn't go.  He seriously looked like Charlie Brown when he told us this story... it basically killed us.)

So this is all the blog I am capable of today.  I'll take to y'all kids later.


  1. This is the screensaver for my computer at home :)

  2. I see you model yourself on the early expressionist painters.

    I have no idea what I'm talking about :)


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